Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Philosophy On Life

 Many people go through life with a reason to be here, and they know what they are meant to be. Some are meant to be Doctors and help heal the sick. Some are Preachers to lead people to God, and then there are people like me that really have no clue what their purpose is. So they just have to make the best of how their lives have turned out.
 After much thought on the subject, I have come to the conclusion that I am here on earth to build up other people and make them feel good about themselves. I mean if we looked the same and acted the same, life here would be pretty boring.
 I have noticed that I am different and my differences instead of having a negative influence , can actually be positive. Hang on and get ready cause here we go.... I am gonna explain my theory on why I am the way I am!
1.Obese-  I am fat so the skinny people can look skinny.  I once told someone that I had a instant weight loss diet guaranteed to work instantly. I told her she did not have to watch her diet or even exercise.  My simple was simple. I informed her when she got ready to leave. Just let me know and I would walk out beside her...Instantly she would look much slimmer due to my excessive overweightness.  Now how many people would sacrifice their body for the good of others...
2. Intelligence- If we were all geniuses, then think how messed up the world would be. I mean when we would apply for jobs, there would be no criteria to distinguish one apart from the other. God realized this too, so he put people like me on earth. I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, and since I am not, I make the sharp ones really stand out. I mean it takes all kinds don't it.
3. Beauty- If we all were drop dead gorgeous, think how messed up the would would be.There would be no difference in our looks and it would be much harder to single out and stereo type people out. So enter me in the picture. People like me are here to help those pretty people out. The darker the circles under my eyes, and the worse my hair looks, the better all the beauty queens look and even feel about themselves... Are you starting to see things in my point of view now?
4. Cleanliness- I am the type person that when you come to my home, you immediately feel better about yours. Now I am not living in total filth, but I do have dust on my furniture and clutter on my counters. By doing this I make other home look so much cleaner. When I get to feeling really bad about the cleanliness of my home. I turn on the tv and watch a episode of hoarders, and walla , I feel better about my home! 
 So with some of my theories I hope you get some understanding on why I am the way I am.
5. Discipline- My kids are always saying I am mean and to strict on them. I tell them that is correct, I am mean. I then tell them that I am helping all the other parents out by making them look  nice. I tell my kids that I hate to have to use them to help the "good parents" , but someone has to do it and I just feel like it is my place to help them...... I guess I am just a 'Helper".
6. Success- Now this one I wish I were not so good at. I am poor and unsuccessful so the successful people will look like just that... Now I really don't like helping with this particular situation. I would like to have a good paying job and more money to do things like vacations and such, but being the "helper" I am , I have to help the rich and successful out too. Maybe one day they will notice my good deeds and I will be rewarded for them.

 So there you have it, Life according to Lana. I guess how you look at things that are thrown your way determines if you are a helper or one of the ones being helped. Next time you see me don't bother to thank me for helping, you would only ruin my image!  

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