Friday, September 17, 2010

God Put You In Places For A Reason

 I am working at Annie Ruby's Cafe in Burkesville . I have been there since Aug 3rd. It is a different kind of job than I was use to, you know processing chickens and all. It is a pretty good job because I get to see many people I have not seen in years and interact with them . I did not get to do that much at the chicken plant. I am the type person that loves to be around people and talk to them. I don't think I have ever met a stranger. I don't know it that is a good quality or not. I just think when you are a waiter , you need to treat people like you would like to be treated when you are out at a restaurant.
 I have met people that are my family , I have met famous people, and I have met people that went to school with my dad, or knew my grandmother because their mother use to go to her beauty shop.
 Last week I met 3 people there. They came in I think on a Thursday , Aug 9th. I knew all three. One was Susie Smith, the other two were Shelia, and Myles Willis, Susie's daughter and grandson. I have to admit, I had never spoken to Myles before he came to the Cafe that day, but I did know him and know that he was in my son Levi's class. I did however know Susie and Shelia. They came in and sat at the bar and ordered some Ice cream Sundays, and I think Myles had a grilled cheese. While I was making their treats, I talked with them and joked with Myles to try to get him to tell me some dirt on Levi and how he acts at school. I fell in love with that little guy, and did not know how sharp he really was. I guess I thought because he used a walker before, that he did not talk much or something, but I found out different that day. The 4 of us talked and laughed and even cried at one point when I told Susie of some old video I had found of Shelly, her daughter that had passed away , a few months ago. Shelly and I were always friends and she worked at the health dept, and informed me of the results of my Pregnancy test when I got pregnant with Levi.
 Susie cried when I spoke of the video and offered to by it. I told her no way would I sell it to her, that I would make her a copy for free. After everyone had their fill of treats, the three left and let us know how much fun they had and how good the food was.
 On  Wednesday, September 15, I was working at the Cafe when I heard the ambulance go by. Not long after that I heard another. They stayed gone for quite sometime, but then both came back in full siren mode. What I found out later that day shocked me to the point of tears. Sheila had been found dead. I immediately thought of Myles and Susie. How could this be? They were all just sitting right of front of me last week.  How could my new little friend, Myles be facing such a loss? How would Susie make it through? She was still grieving the death of her first daughter. How could this be happening?
 Today is Friday, Aug 17th. I went to the funeral home to pay my respects. I walked in the door and the door and saw  Susie, Myles and some friends, and there was Shelia. Myles spotted me and said Levi's mom. Susie immediately started talking of the good time the 4 of us had in the Cafe the previous week. It was good to be able to be a part of one of the last memories and fun times that the two of them had with Shelia. Myles is a tough little guy. He was sitting there in a chair by his mom, who lay beside him in a casket. He was greeting and talking to people just like an adult. He was very strong! 
 I sit here now and I think about people, and how God puts you in places at certain times. We are all here for reasons , some far more important than others, but in the end for reasons.
 I am thankful for the time I had with those 3 that day, and that I was a little part of a fun time had by all. My prayers go up for Susie, Myles and all the other family members involved in this tragedy. 
 R.I.P Shelia Willis! You will be missed!  

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