Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Good Ole Days

You know I don't think children today have the same positive influences that we had when we were kids. I can remember staying with my grandparents, Nanny and Tip ,  as much as I possibly could. I remember not having all the things kids have today to keep me entertained while I was at their house.
 I would lay on my belly on the floor, hands propping my head up and my knees bent with a small foot stool balanced on them as I watched TV shows with them. Tip always watched Gunsmoke, and Wheel of Fortune. Nanny always watched Murder She Wrote and Gunsmoke too. We would watch those shows together and try to solve the latest mystery, or solve the latest puzzle on wheel of fortune. It was simple entertainment, but it was fun to me. Our supper would consist of Total cereal almost every night. On occasion, I remember Tip making breaded oysters. He and Nanny would crush up cracker , dip the oysters in egg and roll them in the crackers to make a very tasty meal. You could smell the aroma throughout the house just as soon as the grease started getting hot and the first oyster hit the frying pan.
 Spending so much time with them I learned that two people can love each other and stay together for 50+ years. What role models they were. Never harsh words to one another, and always helping each other out.
 Tip would always call me "little one" or "Boy" . What I wouldn't give to hear him say those words to me again. I spent many a days out in his old workshop as the sound of the drill sander played in the background. Tip refinished furniture for people . Customers would stop by during the day to pick up furniture, or to leave the latest worn heirloom to be restored to it's former state. I wanted to go with him everywhere he went. When he would go to Brown's supply for materials to restore the furniture, I was in the truck with him. I followed him every step he took, careful not to disturb him. I knew if I did , I would not get to go with him, and that would be sad for me. 
 I would also spend time in my grandmas beauty shop. It was located in a room on the back of the house. It was so fun there. Most of the customers had a certain day, and a certain time they would always come. Fannie Lewis at 10 am on wed. Gracie Long at 4:00 on fridays, and many more throughout the week. I always looked forward to seeing the customers, although I am sure I got on their nerves skating through the beauty shop on my skates and then back to the kitchen , and then back and forth, back and forth. Some customers would bring me things,and Fannie Lewis always brought me a dollar bill. Man was that great. She would even leave the dollar bill for me if I were not there that day. How special was that.
 I wish my kids had the people in their lives that I had in mine when I were young. I feel so sad that they miss out on the simple things that grandparents can give to you.
 All I can do now is give them a positive experience and hopefully make some good memories to take with them when I am no longer on this earth.
 As for Nanny and Granddaddy, I miss them more than words could ever express. I know I think of them everyday. Every time I see wheel of fortune, or gunsmoke, or many other things that only were shared by us at their house. If you have Grandkids that love to spend time with you , enjoy every moment with them , because you are making memories , memories that as they become adults will be "The Good Ole Days".

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