Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Get The Big Head

 You know our kids are our pride and joy. We are always bragging on them for everything they do. We also want our kids to be the best at everything. I wonder why? Do we want the sole satisfaction of have the number one kid, or do we want them to have all the glory and be that STAR??
  I have to say that my children are average when it comes to super star status , Mary Alex my oldest is really not that good at sports, but she's o.k with that. She just takes it in stride and doesn't get upset if she loses. She just loves to socialize and participate. When I was growing up I was quite the Tom Boy, and was pretty good at basketball and baseball. I always thought my children would be the same because I loved sports and so does my husband Nelson. I never dreamed I would have a child that does not like basketball and want to play every minute of the day like I did. Did they give me the wrong kid at the Hospital or what?? She was born at Cumberland County Hospital , and security back in 95, was not that Oh well we have had her for 14 years now , and I think we will just keep her. I'm kinda getting use to her being around now.  I am very proud of her because she is an excellent singer. Some say she should be on American Idol. I think she has the natural talent ,but that will have to be something she chooses to do further down the road.
 I have to admit when she sang the National Anthem at the Jr. Beta convention, it was definitely a Head Swelling moment for me. I looked up on that stage and was mesmerized by her singing talent. I could not believe the young woman she had grown into , and how proud she was making me at that moment. I really wanted to cry, but I was filming and didn't want to get snot on the video camera I had borrowed. My daughter does have her priorities pretty straight, and I like that. She loves the Lord and her Church and understands the importance of being a Christian, and staying faithful to her beliefs, and that to me is far more important than any sport accomplishment that she could ever make.

 Levi on the other hand is another story. Don't get me wrong, I love him with all my heart , but he is a challenging kid to raise. I became pregnant with Levi while on birth control pills, and I didn't miss any either. When I became pregnant with him , everyone said I got that way for a reason, that God had a plan for him or I would not have became pregnant while on birth control. I now think more and more everyday , those people knew what they were talking about. Levi is a very good kid, he really struggles with his temper, but he is getting a little better. He is also very hard on himself, He feels he must be the best at everything he does and gets very upset with himself when he is not. He cannot take constructive criticism, and will argue about anything. If he really gave 100% at the sports he does , he would be the best, but his lack of confidence is a road block to him that he cant figure out how to get around. He has natural talent, but is lacking the drive necessary to push beyond limits. He excels in school , but to hear him talk, he cant do anything. This is a challenge for a parent, because we try to be encouraging and build his self esteem , but he rejects our efforts. Maybe as he grows older it will come, but I say that every year.
 Back to the purpose part. Levi does excel in one area , and I could not be any prouder of him if he hit the winning home run at the LLWS. Levi participates at Church and excels in his classroom studies. He has his priorities straight and in place. A few weeks ago , we were having a bible study for the kids at one of the homes of the other members. It was also senior night at the basketball game, I wanted to go to the game, because I knew several seniors and wanted to see them, but Levi wanted to go to the Bible study and did just that. I kind of felt bad because I went to the game, but I was so proud of him for wanting to go to the Bible Study.
 The first time he got up at Church and led singing, my head swelled so big it's a wonder I made it out the door. To me that is a home run every time he leads. I want to bring my video camera and record everything he does at Church, like people do other ground breaking moments in their children's lives, but I don't think it is appropriate.  Last Sunday , he was asked to do the scripture reading before the lesson , and he said yes.
 There I sat , my little man walking up to that Pull Pit. I thought about his grandparents that were no longer with us and how proud they would be of him. I wanted to cry and clap all at the same time, but I knew that would not go over to well either , so I just sat there holding back the tears and watching my little boy. I began to think about how many times people told me he was here for a reason, and I think I am beginning to understand that reason.
 Levi made his way up front, grabbed that mic, and turned it on. He could barley see over , but he said in his loud deep voice; Good Morning Everyone! With joy and confidence. He seemed to be right at home speaking in front of everyone. He called out his verse he was going to read and recited it loud and clear, said thank you and went back to his seat.
 I was the proudest mom in the world at that moment, my emotions were wanting to jump out of my chest, but I had to sit there calmly and watch and the thoughts that ran through my mind were of my kids and how they make me so proud. I don't care if they don't make the first team, the winning shot or the home run. As long as they keep their love for God I know they will succeed in life , and thats the satisfaction every parent dreams of for their children to be successful in life.
 When our children have a love for God and their Church, they have to endure much like the characters we read about in the Bible. They get laughed at , called nerds and other names. Kids are very cruel and like to bully the one's that are not into everything they are. They face obstacles  thrown at them every day by the devil, such as ridicule by other children and bullying. I just hope they stay strong and remember their purpose on earth, and know that if they live a life for God, they will have a place in Heaven and it will be far more rewarding than anything they could accomplish here on earth.

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