Friday, February 26, 2010

Somethings A Little To Strange Here.

James Walter Reeder

  • Levi is the #416 most common male first name
  • 0.025% of males in the US are named Levi
  • Around 30625 US males are named Levi

 That statistic came from the Name Statistics website. Its a pretty cool site, My name is the 470 most common female name.  Have you ever wondered why you were named what you are named? I know people name their kids after famous people, best friends , or family members. Some people just want to make up a name that they know no one else has. Let me tell you a little story , and this story is true. After you read this story, see if you think Something is a little strange here.
 All my life growing up , I said if I had a son, I would name him Levi. I don't know why I liked the name so much, but I did. In 1998, I had a son and fulfilled my dream of having a son named Levi. Now this story kind of goes back in time to some events that made me wonder was my sons name a dream of mine or destiny?
 My grandmother was Mary Ruth Ferguson, she had a brother named James Walter Reeder. James was in WWII. I never knew James, but he was a hero. He was a hero in my eyes because of the story that was always told to me about how he died. Although he was in the war, and died while serving his Country, he did not die in combat. Walter was swimming with some friends in the Ocean one day when one of his buddies got in trouble and started to drown. Walter went out and saved his friend, but drowned while doing so. Now I bet you are thinking, what does that have to do with your son. 
 Every year I would take my Grandmother to the cemetery on Memorial Day to put flowers on her Father and Mother's grave. We would put flowers on Walters grave too. or sometimes an American Flag. His marker had his name,James Walter Reeder on it and a photo of him in his uniform. He was a very handsome man. On one occasion while placing flowers, I noticed something. I was born on Walters birthday, August 20th.  It made me very proud to know that I was born on that special day. 
 The plot thickens, as it does in most stories. I am left handed. I am the only person in my family on both my mother and fathers side that is so, or at least thats what I thought. While at my grandmothers house one time, we were talking about me being a lefty, and how unusual that was and Nanny, my grandmother said. The only other person I know of in our family that was left handed was Walter. I kind of thought that was cool. The man I had always looked at as a Hero, had a couple of things in common with me. My date of birth and now my hand dominance. 
 Many years after that , family members passed on and time went by and I married and had my children, Mary Alex and Levi. One day I was discussing with a family member about Walter and what he and I shared in common. The family member said do you know what Walters full name was? I replied, James Walter Reeder, thats what on his marker. They then replied, thats not all his name. His entire name was James Walter Levi Reeder. I thought to myself how strange is that. The man that I shared his birthday, shared his hand dominance , had the name I had always vowed to give my son if I ever had one!! Now I bet you are thinking , boy that is a coincidence and your right it is....but the plot thickens again.
 Last year while on Facebook , I noticed that one of my old friends had a son named Levi. Her name was Tiffany Secula. I have known Tiffany all my life and always felt a special bond with her because she was born on my Birthday. Tiffany had moved out of the county . I knew she had children , but I did not know their names.  So we really had a lot in common. Are you seeing a pattern here?? Anyway back to Facebook. When I noticed Tiffany's son's name, I wrote her to say that I didn't know that was her son's name and that we had three things in common, and we all  know the three. Tiffany replied back to me and said "well that make three women in the county with birthdays on August 20th that have son's named Levi." I said I know me and I know you but who is the other? She said Phil Leaks daughter and called her name. Tiffany said she was born on our birthday and named her son Levi. 
 Thats my story , odd as it seems. My question to you is , is this coincidence or something far more than that???   You be the judge!

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