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How the Statistics of Sending Greeting Cards Affected My Life

Rank / HolidayNumber of Cards Sent1.Christmas1.8 billion (including boxed and individual cards)2.Valentine's Day152 million (not including classroom valentines)3.Mother's Day141 million4.Father's Day93 million5.Easter63 million6.Thanksgiving27 million7.Halloween26 million8.St. Patrick's Day

These are the Statistics from Hallmark on card sending. I am going to tell you a story about greeting cards and how this statistic forever influenced my life.

Have you ever entered a store around a not so popular Holiday, and seen all the greeting cards placed about referring to that Holiday and wondered to yourself. "Who in the world sends a card on Halloween?" I know I have. I am going to tell you about a special person that was in my life as long as I have been on this earth, and how She used greeting cards to lift me up.

If you are like me, you are lucky if you send out a card or two around Christmas. I know with my busy schedule, I would do good to send any. Sometimes I get one in the mail from someone and think I need to send them one just because they sent me one, and did just that . Sometimes it would be sent out the day before Christmas!

Once upon a time there was a special lady in my life that would send me a card on every occasion, I am talking Birthdays, Holidays , and not just any Holiday, ALL Holidays! I would also get cards on special Occasions, like accomplishments in my life, wedding , graduation, or just how special I was. I wish I knew then what I know now, and I would have kept every single one of those cards and cherished them forever. These cards were sent to me from the time I was little and never stopped, even when I became an adult. My children were also fortunate enough to experience this gift. On Easter, or Halloween , we would check the mail and the kids would always say ,"Is there anything in there for me?" Their little eyes would just sparkle when I would look in the box and sure enough there was! They would run in the house with their prize delivery and open it instantly. Inside each card would be two crisp one dollar bills folded in half. On birthdays, there would be a five dollar bill. Just think , not only did my kids get these cards, but my sisters kids, and who knows what other kids. Think of the time and money that was spent all these years on that little feat. I think about it now and it just amazes me. One woman sent all those cards to everybody all the time, and I cant take the time to send any.

I know if you are a member of my family, you know who did this amazing act of kindness..... My Aunt Betty Ruth Bass. It will be a year ago on Monday March 1st, the the Lord decided he needed another Angel to come home, so he took Betty Ruth from this earth. Although we were hurt and upset , I look back and realize that it was an act of kindness on his part. You see Betty Ruth had never been sick before, except for once when she had to have her gallbladder out . Other than that, she could have out worked all of us. On Sunday , March 1st, 2009, Betty Ruth was in the hospital where she had been for two or three days, and suddenly had seizure type episode . It was bad, and the Doctor knew he had to get her somewhere., so he arranged for her to be flown to Vandy. I was there along side my Cousin Tammy to give her my love and encouragement during this time. She was awake , but could not speak for the tube in her mouth. As she lie in the emergency room awaiting transport. We talked to her , told her we loved her , and tried to make her feel at ease before her journey in the helicopter. I can remember kissing her on the head and telling her I loved her and to please get better and not leave me here on earth without her because I needed her.

Well the chopper took off, with my mother figure on board and I looked on and prayed that she would be alright. I then boarded my van and headed to Vanderbuilt to be by her side. On my journey down the road , I was alone and my mind was thinking what if she didn't make it out of this? What would my life be like without her in it. I prayed and cried . I was just getting ready to enter I-40 when my phone rang, and Tammy was on the other end. She told me that her momma didn't make it . She died in flight. My world was changed forever by that day. I lost the woman that had had such an influence on me throughout my entire life. We learned later that day that she died form an aneurysm in her chest. So she did not suffer and it was quick.

Well like I said that was a year ago. On the Holidays after that , my kids would be sad. When we would go to the mailbox to check for mail, we all knew that that card would not be in there and that special "I Love You " would not be delivered ever again. A few months ago I was looking in a cabinet and came across a money card that was folded in half. As soon as I spotted it, my heart began to race. I knew it was a card from Betty Ruth from Christmas that I had hid. She always gave me $15.00 every year and I had put this one away to spend later. The card read "Merry Christmas, I love you , Betty Ruth." I cried like a baby, but I think they were tears of sorrow and of joy . I was sad because she was gone, but I was happy because I had found a Treasure! I put the card in my lock box and it will stay there until the day I pass from this earth. Levi also found the last card she sent him tucked away under his bed. He cried when he found it and fussed on me for throwing away the others he had received through out his young life.

Yes Betty Ruth was a special lady , and I miss her more than words can say. When I see greeting cards I always think of her , and how that one little gesture on special occasions , can touch you and make you feel better. How that one little gesture can forever influence you for the rest of your days!

I love you and I miss you Betty Ruth!! 05/01/1936-03/01/2009


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